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THE GOLDEN MEAN…Libertarian Politics, Conservative Values

By Merlin Miller | One of America’s premiere political philosophers, Nelson Hultberg, has written a timely and thought provoking gem, The Golden Mean…Libertarian Politics, Conservative Values.

This book is the corrective needed by America’s leaders, in answer to the insidious and ongoing destruction of our Constitutional Republic. Mr. Hultberg postulates that this destruction has been enabled through a collectivist process of relativism – and that our salvation lies in finding a Golden Mean which embraces Libertarian Politics and Conservative Values. He analyzes Aristotle’s doctrine of the Golden Mean – which established that virtue consists of a rational course of action lying between opposite and natural extremes. Mr. Hultberg very astutely develops political spectrums that establish “right actions”, with respect to liberty and order – which can insure a free marketplace of property and ideas, while limiting the tyrannical growth of government.

His is a common sense universalism, which clearly establishes that the corrosive influences of collectivists (Marx, et al) and the well-intentioned, but sometimes misguided influences of 20th Century visionaries, such as Ayn Rand and Russell Kirk, undermine the brilliant philosophies of Libertarian John Locke, and Conservative Edmund Burke. Along with the Magna Carta, the philosophies of Locke and Burke helped to guide America’s Founding Fathers to develop our Declaration of Independence and Constitution.

Mr. Hultberg equates many of our current problems to failure to understand and heed the mantra, “Equal rights for all citizens; special privileges for none!” He identifies a mistake by the Founding Fathers, when they included a clause, “promote the general welfare” which created a slippery slope that collectivists have successfully exploited to grow government and suppress individual freedoms. The intent of the Founders, as revealed in the Federalist papers, was never to allow special privileges, which would enable the growth of bureaucratic government and the loss of individual freedoms through special interest actions.

Golden-MeanMr. Hultberg’s spectrum analyses offer readers a simple tool for understanding and evaluating rational solutions to an otherwise over-complicated and deceitfully developed paradigm for political systems. He forms several spectrums to compare State Power vs Individual Freedom with extremes at the ends and a logical Golden Mean in the middle. For example, his basic “Golden Mean” would place “totalitarian” forms of government together at one end of the spectrum and “anarchy” at the other, with an ideal of “Constitutional Republicanism” in the center. There would be other intermediate (and less optimal) forms of governance in between each. His logic is sound and refutes the often misused and skewed analyses of left vs right, radical vs reactionary, and liberal vs conservative – whereby Communism might be placed on the left end of the spectrum and Fascism on the right end – with a deceitfully developed collectivist welfare-socialist state in the middle.

In analyzing Foreign Policy, Mr. Hultberg places at one end of the spectrum the vice (or excess) of Aggression (which he labels Imperialism). At the other end of the spectrum lies the vice (or defect) of Surrender (which he labels as Pacifism). He identifies the Golden Mean as Self-Defense (defensive nationalism). Between Aggression and Self-Defense lies Interventionism and between Self-Defense and Surrender lies Isolationism. He philosophically uses many examples to clearly establish his common sense spectrum analysis, rather than accepting a collectivist corruption of terminology with the establishment of false paradigms.

According to Hultberg, natural laws (physical, biological, instinctual, and moral) are the foundations for guiding universal principles (authored by the Creator) which define right action for humans. These principles are revealed to us through reason, experience and intuition – and are the basis for fundamental truths, in conjunction with our Christian ethic. Mr. Hultberg has written other books and documents about the need for political reform in America, including “The Conservative Revolution…Why We Must Form a Third Political Party to Win It”. He also is the Director of Americans for a Free Republic (, an organization which the major parties should give serious consideration to if we are to restore our constitutional republic.

Mr. Hultberg is a “skylight thinker” who has now challenged us with “The Golden Mean”. Upon reflecting on its many profound thoughts regarding the natural political order, one feels transported through time to have met history’s great thinkers, including the ancient philosophers, religious leaders, and America’s founding fathers. There are so many thought provoking gems in this book that I can’t help but believe that it may just be the catalyst to those who might now come forward to save America – such that a world of truth, justice, liberty, and peace might evolve and we may yet achieve our greatest potential as free and prosperous humans.

Merlin Miller
June 2013

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