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Israel: Whorehouse of the Middle East

By Robert Litoff as a rebuttal/supplement to the AFP’s article on Human Trafficking | Israel is an especially bad nation when it comes to sex slave prostitution. And, many of the customers of the sex slave prostitutes in Israel are orthodox Jews wearing their black suits and black hats clearly showing their memberships in extreme orthodox Jewish groups. So, why does the AFP’s previous article on Human Trafficking pick on the Netherlands which complies with all standards for combatting human trafficking according the Trafficking in Humans Report of 2005 done under the Bush administration. According to this report the nations of western Europe in general do comply with the standards for combatting human trafficking.

Israel whore of BabylonEven though the G.W. Bush administration was a puppet of Israel, this report admits that Israel does not comply with the standards for combatting human trafficking. So, it would have been better if your article gave Israel as an example of human trafficking rather than the Netherlands. The American Freedom Party should be standing up for the European heritage. And, Jews are sometimes characterized (rightly so) as the enemy. So, it is right to bring up what Jewish ethnocentrism leads to. I am sorry that a turncoat Jew like myself has to state this.

Regarding the alleged sexual assaults against Filipinas in Saudi Arabia, I looked at the “2012” report which was dated March 17, 2012. It cited one case and that was of a 27 year old Filipina named “Lorraine”. And, it stated that the employer was arrested. There are 1,267,658 workers from the Philippines in Saudi Arabia which is more than 3 times the population of Cleveland. With all the Filipinas who are working in Saudi Arabia, a very small number of cases does not prove that there is more of a problem regarding sexual assaults in Saudi Arabia than in other nations. And, the fact that the employers were arrested which was cited would lead me to believe that the Saudis do not turn a blind eye to it when it occurs, but rather wants to punish the guilty. The rape rate in Saudi Arabia is 2.9 per 100,000 citizens.

In Israel, however, the rape rate is 17.6 per 100,000 and this is not the Palestinian rape rate which is only 3.0 per 100,000. The rape rate in America is 27.3 per 100,000. But, the perpetrators of about half of the rapes in America are black. So, the rape rate in America for rape perpetrated by white men is really lower than the Israeli rape rate. This information comes from National Rape Rate

Regarding people from the Philippines having to work long hours in Saudi Arabia, that is probably true in many cases, but not 20 hours per day. If a person has only 4 hours of sleep per night, that person would soon not be able to do any work. In 2011, the amount of the official remittances from overseas Filipino and Filipina workers was 20.117 billion dollars, but it is probably really more than that. And, it has certainly grown since then. I want to point out the importance of the income of workers from the Philippines working in other nations to themselves, their families and the Filipino economy. And, Saudi Arabia is the largest employer of workers from the Philippines working in other countries. Of course, Saudi Arabia should show respect for the religious beliefs of their guest workers and have a more reasonable dress code as does Kuwait. In Kuwait City, there are 4 Catholic churches to which Filipinos and Filipinas can go and Catholic Mass in Tagalog (the main language of the Philippines) is available in Kuwait. See: . And, in Kuwait, Filipinas can wear jeans with a blouse or a tee-shirt. In many nations from which America buys goods, the low prices of the goods are in part based on the long hours and low wages given to the workers who make the goods. But, I do not see customers picketing outside any WalMart stores with signs stating that they want to pay more for clothing, so that the additional money could be used to give better pay and make better conditions for the workers who actually make the clothing in 3rd world nations.

Until Henry Ford came along, American workers worked long hours at low wages without any sick or vacation leaves. The Philippines is one of places most frequented by sex tourists because there many prostitutes in the Philippines. As a matter of fact, a substantial percentage of the “tourists” going to the Philippines are sex tourists. And, the Filipina prostitutes are not sex slave prostitutes, but women driven to prostitution by poverty in the Philippines. I think that the Filipinas working in Arab and Muslim nations are way better of than the Filipinas working as prostitutes in the Philippines. The exaggerated claims of mistreatment of Filipinas working in Arab nations sounds to me like more anti-Arab and anti-Muslim propaganda. And, workers from the Philippines do not just go to Arab and Muslim nations, they go to many other nations including Israel. So, what are the actions being taken to decrease the numbers of Filipinas going to work in Saudi Arabia?

It seems to me is that the Philippines needs to make the use birth control more widespread and create an economy in which job opportunities will better match the numbers seeking work. Until then, Filipinos and Filipinas will, instead of vegetating in the Philippines or worse, continue to seek jobs in whatever countries which will offer them jobs. And, all nations including Saudi Arabia which give jobs to Filipinos and Filipinas are providing valuable help for the families of those workers from the Philippines and to the Filipino economy in general. What I have just written should not be misconstrued as an endorsement for Saudi Arabia. As I already pointed, I object to their lack of freedom of religion. Also, I oppose the foreign policies of the Saudi government and its support for violent subversives in other nations.


Robert Litoff
(Robert Litoff is an anti-Zionist Jew)

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