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Common Core Curriculum

Dr. A. Krieg | My research on Common Core began by a review of the Common Core State Standards Initiative on their internet site. Sadly it told me virtually nothing about Common Core. Six pages of words with very few facts. In English for example we are directed to ELA standards grade 6-8 many many words no lists of books to be read, no real examples of education, many claims, acknowledgments, reasons, evidences, logical reasoning claims, using credible sources, and on and on, not one supporting fact, no offered evidence of success, just a lot of words. Essential information would indicate that the government Department of Education (DE) will make the determination as to what and how will be to be taught, with the aid of teachers unions NEA, AFT[1] and others — the exact same people who are responsible for the drastic decline in education since 1979 when Carter established the. (DE) Let me point out that the agency was founded in 1979, has an annual budget of $69.8 billion, and an additional ARRA[2] of $ 19.4 billion. For that much money one would think that education had improved in the last 34 years.

Apple CoreThe director of DE is Arne Duncan, the son of an academic whose education was almost exclusively in private schools. Prior to this position he was the CEO of the Chicago School system, worst school system in America. In 2008, 319 students were shot in Chicago; a whopping 63% graduated HS. Since assuming his position he has been a hard-core supporter of federalizing everything relating to education. These include programs that have proven not only to be wasteful NCLB[3] but are also unproductive, and for which he has offered hundreds of school districts wavers. He is a hardcore supporter of Common Core the privately funded Gates program.

The real question is how we have fared in education in the last 34 years. In 1970 the average American school district was number 4 in international student competency tests. Today the same international standards indicate that depending on subject, American schools are between 13th and 34th. It is obvious that federalized and centralized education is a national disaster. The fact that SPLC[4] a radical anti-Christian pro-homosexual lobby is an ardent supporter should give every parent cause to question. As usual SPLC has described opposition to Common Core a conspiracy against education. Oddly, opposition to Common Core is not centered in the political right, but is in fact across the entire political spectrum. Even left wing Chicago and NYC teachers unions are opposed.

What then in fact is Common Core? From what I have read it is an effort to produce a national standard in education and then shoving every school district into that form. It is the final step in eliminating parent and local input into education. It is the centralization under the federal government of all K-12 education. The greatest problem with this plan is that we do not know who will decide what is taught, we have no idea what books will be read, what authors will be recommended, and which will be omitted. These will, like in Obamacare and the VA is political decisions. Everything taught will be PC, Cultural Maxims will be institutionalized. Deviation from the federally mandated curriculum will not be tolerated. Children will spend more time in school. Breakfast, lunch, and later dinner. Parental input to their offspring will be marginalized. The system will produce herds of insects that will be unable to rationally reach decisions, to reason, to think on their own. The state will decide what you think, what you think about, what you believe, who you will associate with, what you will do after HS. It’s after all the perfect socialist plan, just like prison, you will get three meals a day live in a cubbyhole, probably with a same sex partner, (they have already told us that we are overpopulated, and have told us that homosexuality is normal) this is a very sick program.

Let’s all understand SPLC is staffed by many gays, the teachers unions have the highest of any occupation lesbians, and they have a program, which is simple to understand, it is listed in the Communist Manifesto as the ten points of communism. Get your own copy in the library. It is only about 25 pages and when you have read it you will understand Common Core.

[1] National Education Association & American Federation of Teachers.
[2] American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009
[3] No Child Left Behind
[4] Southern Poverty Law Center

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