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American Freedom Party

AFP Banner – 72” x 24” (6’ x 2’)

(Click on banner to enlarge.) American Freedom Party Banner. For Race & Nation. Perfect for building signage or the front of display tables. Dimensions: 72″ x 24″ (6′ x 2′) with grommets at each corner for affixing banner with string or cord. On Sale! Save $10.00! Starting July 16th! [tell-a-friend id=”1″ title=”Tell a friend”] Change […]

AFP Platform

AFP Basic Platform Trifold Flyer

LOWER PRICE! AFP PLATFORM PDF Trifold – Double sided (Right-click and “Save Link as…” to download a PDF copy and print your own at any Fedex-Kinko’s.) Print, Copy, and Distribute! 8-1/2” x 11” Full-Color copies, double-sided tri-fold semi-gloss, are $0.33 each, (100 minimum). B&W copies, hi-res grayscale double-sided tri-fold semi-gloss, $0.11 each (200 minimum). (Printing […]

AFP Anti-Immigration

Anti-Immigration Trifold

LOWER PRICE! Download AFP Anti-Immigration Flyer (Right-click and “Save Link as…” to download a PDF copy and print your own at any Fedex-Kinko’s.) IMMIGRATION. Enough is Enough Available as a download. Interested persons may download a PDF, full color, letter size copy for printing at a local Kinko’s copy center. This is a double-sided, 8-1/2” […]

AFP Platform B&W

AFP Hi-Res Grayscale Trifolds

Anti-Immigration Tri-fold $0.11 each (100 minimum) Basic Platform Tri-fold $0.11 each (100 minimum) 8-1/2” X 11” B&W copies, hi-res grayscale, double-sided, tri-fold, semi-gloss, $0.11 each (100 minimum). Must purchase 200 fliers per order, 100 each, (required by the printing company). Folded and shipped (UPS Ground $15.00).

January Issue 2012

The Nationalist Times

The Voice of the American Freedom Party. The Nationalist Times is available to new members at a special rate of $25.00 plus new membership dues of $25.00 ($50.00 total). Subscription is available to renewing party members at a rate of $29.00 per year (if you do not already have a subscription) plus renewal dues of […]

“The System” by Dr. Adrian Krieg

“The System” by Dr. Adrian Krieg

It is amazing that the people of this nation continue to support a system that is so corrupt from one end to the other–Republocrats all–that they continue to re-elect the same useless morons by a rate of over 87%. It amazes me that people like Nancy Pelosi, John Boehner and Harry Reid are in positions […]

Our Vision for America

Our Vision For America by Merlin Miller

“Our Vision for America” written by Merlin Miller, Presidential Candidate 2012, and Adrian Krieg.

The Army’s Unequal Opportunity Program

The Army’s Unequal Opportunity Program

“The Army’s Unequal Opportunity Program” is an Extremist Organization. Order Ulysses Olson’s eye-opening exposé! Over the last few decades, the United States Army’s Equal Opportunity (EO) Program has played a key role in fostering valuable social change in the Army. This book however, argues that the Army’s EO Program is no longer the best tool […]

Murdering Multiculturalism

Murdering Multiculturalism

A candid conversation on how cultural and racial diversity is destroying America. Authored by Joseph Adams Synopsis: In the twenty-first century we see America as divided as ever along cultural, racial, and religious lines. Perceived oppressions are stagnating what was once the promised land of the American dream. In this analytical conversation, syndicated radio host […]