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American Freedom Party

AFP Banner – 72” x 24” (6’ x 2’)

(Click on banner to enlarge.) American Freedom Party Banner. For Race & Nation. Perfect for building signage or the front of display tables. Dimensions: 72″ x 24″ (6′ x 2′) with grommets at each corner for affixing banner with string or cord. On Sale! Save $10.00! Starting July 16th! [tell-a-friend id=”1″ title=”Tell a friend”] Change […]

AFP Platform

AFP Basic Platform Trifold Flyer

LOWER PRICE! AFP PLATFORM PDF Trifold – Double sided (Right-click and “Save Link as…” to download a PDF copy and print your own at any Fedex-Kinko’s.) Print, Copy, and Distribute! 8-1/2” x 11” Full-Color copies, double-sided tri-fold semi-gloss, are $0.33 each, (100 minimum). B&W copies, hi-res grayscale double-sided tri-fold semi-gloss, $0.11 each (200 minimum). (Printing […]

Golden Dawn Celebrates Greek Independence Day in New York

Golden Dawn Celebrates Greek Independence Day in New York

Members of the Golden Dawn New York chapter came out to the street to awaken the people regarding the situation of our betrayed and forsaken countreyman in Greece. Hundreds of high quality flyers appealing for donations of basic necessities were distributed. The reaction from the crowd in attendance was so positive it is not surprising […]

Proportional Representation Endorsed In Canada

Proportional Representation Endorsed In Canada

Martha Hall Findlay has become the second Liberal leadership candidate to sign Fair Vote Canada’s Declaration of Voters’ Rights, making electoral reform one of the few issues that has raised sparks in an otherwise dull leadership campaign. Responding to a questionnaire from Canada’s leading citizens’ movement for electoral reform, Hall Findlay affirmed that the current […]

Merlin Miller CPAC 2013

CPAC 2013 Report by Merlin Miller

Merlin Miller | CPAC 2013, the Conservative Political Action Conference (a project of the American Conservative Union), held its 40th Annual Conference, March 14-16 at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center in National Harbor, MD. This waterfront complex, just south of our nation’s capital, was most impressive and able to accommodate an estimated 10,000 […]


Office Of Civil Rights Investigates Title VI Anti-White Discrimination at Texas College

Today, Rachel McGregor with the Dallas Office of Civil Rights acknowledged her office is investigating a Title VI racial discrimination complaint filed by Richard Railey, a white student at Tarrant County College in Fort Worth. Texas. A member of The White Student Union of Tarrant County Colleges in Texas, Mr. Railey’s 27 page complaint alleges […]

White Privilege Rewards

Wisconsin Declares War On Caucasian Privilege

Author Graham Greene’s observation has lost none of its salience in 50 years: innocence remains “like a dumb leper who has lost his bell, wandering the world, meaning no harm.” The latest illustration comes from Wisconsin, where the state’s Department of Public Instruction website devotes a page to “Power and Privilege.” Caucasians who volunteer in […]

Gun Control

340 Sheriffs Refuse To Enforce Unconstitutional Gun Control Laws

Gregory Gwyn-Williams, Jr. continues to follow Law Enforcement’s reaction to proposed unconstitutional gun control laws Including Sheriff John Cooke of Weld County, Colorado, 340 sheriffs have publicly stated they will not enforce gun laws they believe are unconstitutional. In response to the passage of two new gun control bills in Colorado last week, Sheriff John […]

Broadcast Antenna

A Dire Warning!

AFP Staff | It is our opinion that within the coming immediate future America’s economy will collapse. This is a dire warning! This opinion is based on Obama administration published plans, the speeches of Timothy Geithner, Jacob Lew, and Benjamin Shalom Bernanke and the presently deteriorating situation in Europe about which Dr. Krieg, recently reported. […]

Joe McCarthy List Waver

SPLC "We Have The List" McCarthyism

The wackos at the Southern Poverty Law Center released its annual “Year in Hate and Extremism” report last week and it was “terrifying” to say the least. Their researchers said they had identified an “all-time high” of 1,360 anti-government groups active during 2012 and about the same staggering number of hate groups as last year, […]